Having a coffee with Maria

Today we have the pleasure to share a coffee with Maria. Her designs are fun, colorful and very commercial. We are happy to have her in our team.

Hello Maria, thank you for sharing a coffee with us. Tell me, when did you start to design patterns? I studied Fine Arts initially, and then in 2012 did a posgraduate in pattern and textiles design, and that is when I felt in love with patterns design.

How is your creative process: do you sketch ideas? Do you prefer handraw or digital design? In my creative process first I find out as much as I can about my potential customer, start working in a moodboard and chosing potential colour palettes and then I start sketching, usually with markers or pencils/ink. I tend to colour my designs digitally because it is easier to show different colourways if required. I normally use illustrator or photoshop.

And what is your favourite technique and why? It is really difficult to choose because, depending on the project I might choose one or a different one to produce different effects. I especially love screenprinting and linography, markers and ink. I really like bold and strong graphic marks.

Why did you decide to focus your career in print design? When I finished fine arts, in the option of graphic design, I was missing "beauty" in the industry...I didn´t like web design, branding or logo design. I needed more freedom, a way to make art in a commercial way...and suddently I discovered that there were designers creating art for paper, decoration, textiles and other surfaces; that´s when I felt; this is exactly was I was looking for!

Did you work in any project you are proud of?
At the moment I´m working in something a bit different, I´m a greeting cards designer, so I´m proud of being versatile and able to understand different customers´needs. I have not worked yet at any important project related to textile design, but at the moment i´m developing a new style, logo and creating new patterns for my personal project: my own brand, so hopefully sooner or later I will be proud of it.

Do you have any important project in the pipeline?
I would love to manufacture my own products and have my very own line, especially for children.

I´m a really passionate person and love working in designs that make people happy.
It was a pleasure to know more about you and thank you so much for your time

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