Having a coffee with Pape Monsoriu

Pape Monsoriu is one of our latest designers who has joined recently. She's a multidisciplinary artist as she does Graphic Design, Illustrations or Patterns! We are happy to meet her today and have a coffee together...Tell me more about you: what did you study? How do you start to design patterns?

My first specialization studies were in graphic design and in my school we learned many techniques such as line drawing, illustration and all its techniques, modeling in clay, history of art ... etc. Also at that school I set up a theater group because I have always felt a great attraction for the interpretation. Once I finished my studies in visual arts, with the money I earned as a designer, I was able to pay for my studies in the performing arts and soon I started working as an actress in television. So I can say that I have two professions that throughout my life I have been combining according to the job offers that have been coming to me.

About 5 years ago I reencountered a good friend from a long time. She was overworked and devoted entirely to pattern design, so I started working in her studio and it was her who showed me the fantastic world of endless repetition of motifs.
Then I wanted to go a little deeper and study at the Eadimoda school a specialist course in design of textile printing in photoshop.

But I have to say that I am mostly self-taught and thanks to new technologies I have learned many of the things I know, watching tutorials on YouTube.

How do you start your design process?
I spend many many many hours watching, searching, observing, thinking, imagining. There are times when it seems I'm doing nothing ... but, actually, I'm always looking for something ... a moment of concentration and inspiration. And that's when the designs come out. And the designs are a mix of everything that my head has withheld from all that information that I have been accumulating for days.

And when I start working, I can not stop. And I can not stop because the level of concentration I've reached is very powerful, almost like an obsession. And until I finish the design it is impossible for me to rest a minute. I am very demanding with my work. And even though I am impatient and anxious, I need to let the work rest for a few days after seeing them again and then assessing if they really work or not.

What is your favourite technique and why?
About techniques ... I mix them all. For me, the computer is nothing more than a very precious tool, but not less than my markers or colored papers. Everything works for me, ... but what I like the most is acrylic. Cut, paste, draw, photograph, break, decompose to re-compose ... I think in my creative process there is a lot of structured chaos.
I confess Illustrator and Photoshop have my heart stolen. But I do not like the results only vectorized. I could say my favorite style is grunge.

Why did you choose to focus your career as a print textile designer?
It's very simple: I can work from anywhere. And it is a means of communication that if used well, can have a great social impact.

Did you work in any project you are proud of?
Ocean Color is a swimsuit brand for men. That was my starting and it changed the course of my life.

Could you talk about any important project you have in the pipeline?
Art Prints Textile !!

If you you want to add a few more words to conclude this interview...
I think we spend many hours working, so it is important to fight to exploit the qualities that nature has given us to live on them.

Thank you very much to share your time with us. I was a very interesting chat and to know more about you :)

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