Having a coffee with Sevgi

Today we would like to introduce Sevgi. She manage to surprise us every time with her powerful and fun designs. Let's get started!

Hi Sevgi, tell us more about how did you start to design patterns...
I started my graphic design journey in 1999 and I'm giving lectures at an University in my country right now. After I finished my writings on Ph.D. thesis I took my time to focus on my personal projects which includes pattern designs, posters and illustrations.

How do you start a new project? Do you normally sketch ideas on a notebook?
First at all, in my creative process I give importance to develop an idea in my mind. I take my time to think about image style before I put something into drawing. After that, I decide the point of view and I usually make quick sketches on my computer. I use computer to see variations, colors, quick different compositions or redraw again and again till I achieve the final design. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes it takes days to finish an artwork. So it is important for me to feel satisfaction after all.

What is your favourite technique and why?
Most of the time, the technique I apply comes after I decide the style for the design. Does it need to look vintage or does it need to look fresh or serious or funny?.. I find the technique is an answer for these kind of questions.

Why did you decide to be a print textile designer?
I've always impressed by textile design subject whe I was studiying History of Art. I think the texture and materials of the fabric gives life or soul to a design. Also people can wear it and live with it!.. It is fantastic!

Did you work or are you working in any project you are proud of?
I can say I feel proud of my students who continue to love their job as a graphic designer beyond everything.

Do you have any important project in the pipeline?
I finished my solo exhibition includes big size poster designs based on new age typography last month. And I will start to edit my Ph.D thesis for publishing it in the National Book Market in my country by the end of 2018.

Any other thing you want to say to conclude this interview...
My name; "Sevgi" means "love" in my language. So I can say: Love what you do, do what you love!

Thank you very much! We had a really good time with you :)

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